Do you like things organized in a visual manner? Do you like things color-coded?

WOW! Do I have the tool for you! Introducing Symbaloo!

Symbaloo is a personal startpage that allows you to easily navigate the web and compile your favorite site all in to one visual interface. Save your bookmarks in the cloud and access them from anywhere with any device.

Take a look this introduction video:

Symbaloo is a Greek verb that stands for “assembling.” Using this Web 2.0 tool, you can bring together favorite websites, bookmarks, and commonly used applications. You can color code your tiles, arrange them any way you like, and link your Symbaloo page to other Symbaloo pages. If you are really feeling creative, you can even change the background image to match your theme or mood.
The box in the middle allows you to do a Google search, check Facebook news feed, the weather, and latest videos on YouTube. Many other widgets are available in a tab at the top.
Once you register with Symbaloo, you have the ability to search other webmixes and link them directly to your page. Make sure you register with an EDU account to receive maximum educator links. With this account, you will be given a tab with EDU teacher links, Ed Tech links, & RSS feeds to common educator sites.
Each tile is a link that is a visual representation of the website/tool/application. For a visual learner like myself, I am in love with this type of visual organization. Symbaloo makes a great homepage with ease of navigating and organizing your favorite sites. This allows easy access to your favorites. You can group things together and decide where all the tiles will fit on your grid.
It would help students keep their bookmarks and projects all together –just a few clicks away.
There are mutterings that Symbaloo is going to integrate with Google Maps, a contact manager, a live TV guide, and a screen-sharing app.
Symbaloo is a free web-based application and is safe for students to use.


11 Ways to use Symbaloo in the Classroom (GREAT blog from an educator!)

Educator Testimonials:

Your assignment:

Take a tour! Click a few tabs! Try to move stuff around. Play with every button and tab you see. Now, what could you and your students do with this tool? How would it help your visual learners? How could it organize and simplify the web for some of your special education students? How could it make your life easier as a teacher to have all your links in one spot? Could you see this as a viable tool for students to use as an engaging place to keep their thoughts and search finds in one place? Comment below about how this tool might transform the internet homepage and your students’ learning.

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