Tech Tip of the Week: Fun!

In a week of high stakes testing, sometimes it is nice to let your brain relax, slow down, and just have fun.  This week’s tech tip(s) are just for you-for fun.  No major learning curve-just some things that might make life a little easier and let you have some fun along the way!!

lost mind

Apps on your smart device (Apple/Android):

(These links are for the iTunes app store-but most are Android compatible as well!)

  • Action Movie
  • Super Power This one is so fun! You can shoot lasers, fireballs, and even make things disappear.  My 3 little guys at home think I’m a “super mom” with real super powers! 
  • Camera Awesome (I replaced my default camera on my phone/iPad with this app!)
  • Apps Promo
    • Who doesn’t love free?  This is a free app that loads new apps daily that are free for a limited time.  I’ve saved TONS of money and learned about some really cool apps this way!
  • Our Groceries
  • Personalize your iPad
    • I don’t know about you-but I get tired looking at the same background on my iPad/iPhone.  Plus-now you can even get really creative with new keyboards.  Here are some of the apps I use when I need to change things up.

ipad personalization

Gamesbecause we all need some fun.  These three are my favorite! (And they are addicting-and don’t require much thought or brain power to play!)

  • Cubis
  • CollapseBlast
  • Dumb Ways to Die (1 & 2)
    • Warning-this is a little twisted-so be warned.  However-if you want some brain numbing game play-this is quite fun-and addicting.  But be warned-it isn’t rainbows and butterflies when you play.  It’s a little quirky! You’ve been warned…

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